CHI St. Gabriel’s Family Medical Center in Little Falls has been working collaboratively with the community to reduce the use of narcotics. This is accomplished through a team-based non-punitive approach to evaluate and monitor each patient individually. A teleECHO clinic uses technology to teach and mentor those at rural clinics in treating opioid use disorder. Primary care doctors, nurses, and other clinicians are able to learn to provide excellent specialty care to patients in their own communities.

Heather Bell, MD

CHI St. Gabriel's Family Medical Center

In 2012, Dr. Heather Bell began her family medicine practice in rural MN. With her visionary leadership, Dr. Bell has been influential in redesigning the primary care delivery model across the clinic by adopting whole person-centered care and instituting guiding principles which led to the clinic earning recognition by the state of Minnesota as a Medical Home.Dr. Bell is very active in the Controlled Substance Care Team within the clinic.

Kurt Devine, MD

CHI St. Gabirel's Family Medical Center

Dr. Kurt Devine has been a full spectrum family medicine physician for more than 26 years. As a practicing physician in Rural Minnesota, he has faced many unique challenges caring for patients in the primary care setting amid evolving care delivery models demanding forward-thinking and creative strategies for change. As the opioid use and its attributing issues became increasingly apparent, he became more engaged and involved with the local community task force assembled to address concerns of opioid use and dependency within the county.