Monday, 10:45am to 11:45am
Gooseberry Falls 2/3 Room

Essentia Health in Duluth has brought a variety of organizations together to form a comprehensive plan to improve prevention, treatment, and harm reduction of opioids. Founded on Results-Based Accountability (RBA), the plan’s strategies, measures, and results are shared with the community at large through an online software program designed to communicate results. Measurable short and long-term outcomes that focus on program/process, policy, system, and environmental changes will be shared. The breakout will also include an interactive practice session on using RBA.

Karen Pifer

Karen Pifher, MS, LSW

West Community Health Manager
Essentia Health

Karen leads Becker County Energize, people working together to create a healthier community, leading Community Health Needs Assessment work in Detroit Lakes, and providing leadership in Ada, Fosston, and Graceville sites for Essentia Health. She obtained her Masters in Community Development from North Dakota State University and her Bachelors in Social Work from Bemidji State University, and was recognized as "2017 Woman of the Year" in Women's 360 Magazine for her influence in transforming the community.