Monday, 2:30pm to 3:30pm
Gooseberry Falls 2/3 Room

In central Minnesota, caregivers, police officers, and county employees are teaming up to improve the health of individuals with medical, mental, and/or chemical health needs who cycle through the criminal justice systems, often at significant expense and no clear resolution. CentraCare Health in central Minnesota has partnered with Stearns County and the City of St. Cloud Police Department to implement the Correctional Care Program. This breakout will present data on the savings this program has generated within the health care system, social services, and the St. Cloud Police Department. Information will be shared about the privacy concerns the program has encountered, the financial investments that were made and the collaborative relationships that need to be sustained. Finally, this breakout will review evidence-based models for use as this program goes forward.

Katy Kirchner

Katy Kirchner, MPH, PHN

CentraCare Health

Katy is the Director of Coordinated and Correctional Care at CentraCare. She previously was the Director of Public Health for Morrison County. She has a Masters Degree in Public Health with an executive health care emphasis as well as a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing and a Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Biology and Psychology. Katy is on the Population Health Leadership Team and is lead for the Community Health Needs Assessment at CentraCare.

Picture of Captain James Steve

Captain James Steve

St. Cloud Police Department

James Steve is a graduate of St. Cloud State University, and has 32 years in Law Enforcement, with the last 29 at the St. Cloud Police Department. He has held numerous roles at the St. Cloud Police Department, but currently serves as the department's Commander of Community Engagement.

Picture of Julie Ellis

Julie Ellis

Human Services Division Director
Stearns County Human Services

Julie is the Division Director of Community Supports at Stearns County Human Services. She has served Stearns County for 25 years and prior was a public servant for ten years in Marshall County, a very rural county. Julie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Community Psychology and has a passion to serve individuals in poverty and/or experiencing mental health issues. Julie currently serves on the Stearns County Mental Health Task Force and Mental Health Steering Committee.