Tuesday, 11:15am to 12:15pm
French River 1/2 Room

Using an online diabetes prevention program, Bois Forte Health Services and Healthy Northland in northeast Minnesota teamed up to assist people living and working in Nett Lake and Lake Vermilion to make lifestyle changes to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes. This pilot project worked to deliver, via smart phone technology, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s evidence-based lifestyle change program to rural patients experiencing multiple barriers such as long-distance travel, unreliable transportation, multiple part-time jobs, fluctuating work schedules, and childcare issues. This session will explain the patient and provider experiences and describe partnering with the tribal health staff at Bois Forte to bring this prevention program to the community.

Picture of Kim Matteen

Kim Matteen

(Former) Regional Lifestyle Change Coordinator
Healthy Northland

Kim Matteen, BA, formerly of Healthy Northland, was the Regional Lifestyle Change Coordinator for the Community Wellness Grant (CDC 1422). In this role, she led work to collaborate and partner with numerous health systems, employers, YMCA’s, tribal nation health clinics, and other community organizations/government entities to expand access to the National Diabetes Prevention Program in the seven northeastern counties of Minnesota.

Picture of Wendy Long

Wendy Long, CNP

Family Nurse Practitioner
Bois Forte Medical Clinic

Wendy Long, FNP-BC, is a medical provider at Bois Forte Health Clinic. She was a participant in the Omada program along with a few coworkers and her spouse. Wendy was also able to discuss this program with patients and participate along with them in the program.