The Theater of Public Policy (T2P2 for short) is Minnesota's best known, most successful and favorite civics-inspired improv comedy company. It is also coincidentally Minnesota's ONLY civics-inspired improv comedy company. At live events in the Twin Cities and across the country, they talk with thought leaders and newsmakers and bring the conversation to life through improv comedy theater. It’s been called "The Millennial answer to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert," and "surprisingly funny," and "something to do…"

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Tane Danger

The Theater of Public Policy

Tane Danger is the co-creator and host of the Twin-Cities-based, civic-affairs inspired improv theater show, The Theater of Public Policy. Though the show, Tane has interviewed countless policy makers, thought leaders and candidates for office. In 2014 he was selected as a fellow of the St. Paul-based Bush Foundation which he used, in part, to earn his M.P.P at the University of Minnesota Humphrey School. In addition to weekly shows with The Theater of Public Policy, Tane regularly serves as an emcee at non-profit fundraisers and galas, as a moderator at political debates and forums, and at least once, as the entertainment for a six year-old's birthday party. The last of these was by far the most challenging. Follow him on Twitter @TaneDanger.