The Transforming Care at the Bedside approach for long-term care organizations is intended to enhance the work experience for staff, improve organizational culture and quality of life for staff and residents. Hear about long-term care leaders and frontline staff who were trained with the ICan curriculum and created an efficient and effective environment that improved resident and staff experiences.

Miriam Nkemnji, RN, BSN, MPH

Doctorate of Nursing Practice Student
University of Minnesota

Miriam is a doctoral student at the University of Minnesota. She is specializing in Health Innovation and Leadership with a certificate in Healthcare Design. Miriam has enjoyed working in the academia, long-term care, public health, and acute care settings. Miriam is married and has three children. She wants to be remembered as a female leader who formulated avenues to improve the quality of life of the aging population during their remaining lifespan.

Carin Leeb, HSS, TMA, CNA

Essentia Health Oak Crossing

Carin currently works at Oak Crossing Essentia Health Oak Crossing Nursing Home.